We specialize in repair and protective works with the use of state of the art polymeric and ceramic composites and polymeric concrete. Technologies applied by us allow to protect the parts of different shape against: :

- corrosion
- erosion
- abrasion
- crashing
- chemical impact

Using materials of short hardening period (up to 24 hours), which can be applied both to vertical and horizontal surfaces, allows to do quick repairs, avoiding production breaks. Coatings produced by us can be repaired with the use of the same materials, without removing previous layers.

Repair of metal surfaces exposed to erosive and chemical impact.
Mixture of ceramic balls and mineral filler gives surface with better resistance and smoothness than original material.

Repair of a bell of dust centrifugal drier NAEL 3A

Anti-split coatings on the driving drums.
Using sharp-edged, hard corundum or silicon carbide elements in a composite eliminates sliding on sloping, oily surfaces. Coating can be used on the metal and concrete surfaces. Coating can be used in a workplace, without dismantling a drum. Coating is hardened for up to 24 hours.

Anti-slip coating ARC SRS on going barrels I

Repair of concrete surfaces exposed to strong mechanical, corrosive and erosive load and to chemical impact.
To fill in losses and secure surface, we use mixtures with quartz reinforcement which do not shrink because they fully consist of particulates. They are adjusted to coefficient of linear expansion and shrinkage of concrete. Obtained coatings, after hardening, are resistant to acids, bases, salt water etc. They are great substitution of acid-resistant basaltic plates. Polymeric concrete can also be used to moist concrete surfaces.

Carbon tank repair on KWK
Impeller HERKUS
  • Sludge pumps to be used in the most difficult conditions.
  • Long life, user-freindly and high efficiency lower total exploitation costs.
  • They are available in sizes between 25 mm and 450mm up to 2000m3.
  • Pumps are available in high-chromium and rubberised versions.

Diaphragm and piston TH MINERALS
  • Pumps for slurry diaphragm displacement hydraulic, for pumping abrasive liquids.
  • Perfect for filling filter presses.
  • They do not damage flocculated structure of pumped medium.
  • Lack of gland eliminates problems with leaking, sealing, wiping sleeve and shaft off.
  • Pumps are characterized by high efficiency and minimum erosive wear and tear and low energy demand.

Submersible TSURUMI
  • Submersible pumps for slurry for versatile applications.
  • They are characterized by resistance to wear and tear and high efficiency.
Using unique solutions by Tsurumi allows to use pumps without danger of damage:
  • with minimal medium flow
  • in dry running
  • recumbent position
  • Pumps can pump very condensed medium with permanent elements up to 30mm.
  • High-quality materials and additional security devices enable to use pumps longer.

Portable systems of pumps and pipelines BBA Pumps
  • High-performance dehydration pumps produced by Dutch producer - BBA PUMPS.
  • High quality ensures reliability, effectivity and durability, and also the lowest costs of exploitation of BBA pumps.
  • Driven by diesel or electric engines, available also in soundproof casings or special versions (e.g. waterway with duplex steel)
Our offer includes:
  • self-priming pumps with vacuum pump
  • piston pumps to wellpoints
  • self-priming centrifugal pumps
  • accessories
Thickeners are used to physical separation of solids from suspension.We offer a few versions of gravitational thickeners, making use of physiochemical properties of separation methods. We select, deliver and launch lamella radial thickeners with devices:
  • station of preparing flocculant
  • devices controlling velocity of particle fall

  • Wide offer of pumps for sewage pumping.
  • Pumps for house and industrial applications.
  • Models adjusted to pumping chemically aggressive media.
  • Different types of rotors allow to adjust to local conditions.
  • Our offer includes models with a great cutting mechanism for grinding elements.

  • Movie C-serie

    We make repairs of pumps, both delivered by us and other producers on the market. Modern composite technologies that we use enable to renovate wet parts of repaired pumps, which considerably reduces costs and shortens mean time of repairs. Composite surfaces that we get are characterized by high resistance to erosion and corrosion. Better smoothness of rebuilt elements improves laminar flow and pump efficiency. Decreasing friction coefficient contributes to increased efficiency and reduction in energy consumption. Ceramic reinforcements being part of composites extend life-span of a pump.

    General repair of PH 150 pump
    We select, deliver and launch filter presses of a world leader in delivery of presses for mining industry. Steel filter plates with rubber seals guarantees full sealing and resistance to abrupt changes of pressure. Compact structure of presses and fast opening system allow to achieve maximum efficiency using minimum of space.

    With ultrasonic nozzles Sonicom generating the so-called „dry water fog”. This system is used to suppress dust generated during processes of transport and processing (grinding, crushing etc.) of loose materials without moistening a product and devices.

    Ultrasonic nozzles use water and air. Structure of nozzle allows its self-purification, eliminating problem of clogging. Dust particles moisten, cake and fall.

    This system reduces threat of explosion or burning combustible dusts such as, for example, coal, biomass etc. Dust suppression system can be applied in all places with dust:
    • crushers
    • conveyor belts
    • combine
    Belt conveyor dump
  • Submersible pumps with axial and semi-axial rotors designed specially to pumping high-volume flows.
  • Rotor of electric motor and hydraulic rotor built on a shared shaft.
  • Engines made in IP68 protection degree and F insulation class for 155°C.
  • Thanks to its reliability and high efficiency, they are used to reclamation and drainage in pump stations, aqua parks, sea water pumping stations etc.

  • In 2013, we started production of recyclable composite materials – polymeric and ceramic. Produced materials are permanently inspected and examined in accredited laboratories. We develop new materials to make them resistant to abrasion and to improve energy properties during application and after hardening. Our offer includes composite materials in a liquid form and for protection against intensive abrasion. We are looking forward to doing business with you. We offer training support concerning proper preparation of foundation, selection, application, hardening etc.
    Product cards can be found in attachment